Brigite   Interview - Part 5

This former French housewife, turned thong swimwear model and fashion designer, is now one of Europe's most recognizable faces

Jon Cappelli, U.S. correspondent for La Monde de Femme, a high end French fashion magazine, has been granted this exclusive series of  interviews with Brigite.  What follows is an authorized reprint.

October 2003


CAPPELLI: We haven't spoken since last December, what have you been up to?

BRIGITE: Well, I decided it was time to come out with a thong swimsuit line for men.  So, we worked on a few designs and launched the Azur men's thong swimsuit in the Summer.  It was a instant hit, far exceed what we had expected.

CAPPELLI: Really? That surprises me, I didn't think American men were ready for that. Generally they are very conservative and I have rarely even seen them on the beaches in suits like Speedos which are a lot less revealing.

"I think it is great that more men in the United States are becoming more acceptant of different and more revealing styles in clothing."

BRIGITE: You know John, I was equally surprised.  And pleasantly so at that.  I think it is great that more men in the United States are becoming more acceptant of different and more revealing styles in clothing.

CAPPELLI:  All I ever see on the beaches of America are men in those really long shorts that come down below their knees.

BRIGITE:  You know, I see so much of that style.  But you know, fashion has to be more than style. What is it that the Porsche design team says, "form follows function"?  I really believe that.

There needs to be a purpose that the fashion or design should follow.  The purpose of swimwear can be two fold. One for freedom of movement when actually swimming, and two just enough material to cover and allow a good tan if that is what the wearer desires.

"There are no beaches where bikinis are illegal, but bare a little bit more of your butt with a thong and you can go to jail.  Why is that?"

Now, I don't see these long shorts fulfilling either of those two functions, therefore the fashion is false, it serves no useful purpose for the function that it was intended!

CAPPELLI:  Well Brigite, you will not make a lot of current fashion designers happy with a statement like that.

BRIGITE: My purpose is not to alienate people, I am just expressing my opinion.  I do not believe however in coming out with a widespread fashion design for the mere purpose of selling a lot of product, with no real purpose being served by the design.

CAPPELLI:  Well, I'm sure we will hear a lot of comments on this.  What else new has happened?

Brigite:  Well we are going to be featured this month, I believe, on BBC America television.


Cappelli: Really, that's great, what show?

Brigite:  I believe it's the Graham Norton show.

Cappelli: Oh, maybe not so great. I have seen the show a couple of times and he can really slam people at times, make them look really foolish.

Brigite:  Oh, I saw it once, I know what you mean.  That's ok though if they do, I think it is all in clean fun.  I have a very thick skin as I think you say here. I will role with the punks?

Cappelli: You mean punches.

"We have even ventured off into a very sexy, yet fuller bottom suit for women."

BRIGITE: That's it, role with the punches. I told you my English wasn't so good yet!

CAPPELLI: So, the women's thong swimwear line is doing well too, I assume.

BRIGITE: It is really doing well John. We are the number one thong swimwear company on the web now - and that is world wide!  I am so pleased I cannot tell you.  I have totally given up my acting career and am devoting my full time efforts to my thong swimwear designs.  We have even ventured off into a very sexy, yet fuller bottom swimsuit for women.  Both have very deep plunges front and back and one is sheer when wet.  Both doing well.

Cappelli: Well, I am happy for you. We better wrap it up now, see you in a couple of months. Best of luck!


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